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We're in an era where mental well-being challenges are on the rise and many find themselves feeling detached, not only from their surroundings, but also from their inner selves and their loved ones.


In a world where the digital realm overwhelms and modern life disconnects, Heartland Retreat emerges as the beacon of rejuvenation. Here, we've created an artistic sanctuary that goes beyond relaxation, offering a transformative journey of holistic renewal.

Embark on your own personal journey of rejuvenation. Only 10 spots left!

Join us on this journey as we reveal our Rejuvenation Retreat from December 8-10, 2023. Be among the select few to experience our sanctuary's newest offering. Availability is highly exclusive - apply now!



 Immerse yourself in holistic wellness practices that are designed to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit - the perfect blend of comfort and connection to the earth.  This 3 day/2 night, all-inclusive retreat package includes your choice of rustic-luxury lodging in one of our tents or geodesic domes, two daily organic meals, and access to bicycles to cruise the property. 

Check out the offerings for your weekend, which include BONUS EXPERIENCES!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this retreat for only $111, regularly valued at over $1,000. Refer two people and you attend for FREE!

Rejuvenation Retreat Program

Meet Your Chef

Culinary maestro and event virtuoso, Michelle Heberling loves crafting diverse and custom meals, and transforming occasions into unforgettable experiences. In her hometown of San Francisco, you can also find Michelle foraging for mushrooms, seaweed, and medicinal plants if she's not teaching cooking techniques or tending to her bees.

Retreat Catering Food II-2


Digital Detox

Disconnect to reconnect. Experience the liberation of a world without screens, notifications, or digital pressures.


Nature Immersion

From forest bathing to lakeside meditations, immerse yourself in nature's therapeutic embrace.


Holistic Healing

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with natural remedies and healing practices.


Transformative Experiences

Every moment at Heartland is designed to provide an authentic journey of self-discovery and healing.



"This was the second time I sought a well-deserved refuge off the grid at this lovely space. There are many spaces built, with care, for you to sit and just, be. You'll be enveloped by sounds of birds (so far, we've accounted for 15 different types), lush terrain, and a huge lake that's steps away. I don't need to say more about the outdoor showers except you'll want one for your home. The tents are spacious and comfortable! We loved seeing silhouettes of tiny lizards sunbathing on the exterior of ours in the morning." - Alex S.


"Look no further. Congratulations, you have found the spot you are looking for. Relaxing, calm, beautiful, exciting and just a complete refresh of mind and body." - Nima J.

Seize this unique opportunity - book now to be a part of a select group to experience the Rejuvenation Retreat from December 8-10, 2023 for only $111, a savings of over 90%! Refer two people and you attend for FREE! Spots are coveted and only a few remain. Disconnect from the digital and reconnect with your inner self. Heartland's eco-healing Sanctuary awaits you in Wheatland, CA.