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The general population is disconnected from themselves, each other, and the land they inhabit. The recent global pandemic has escalated all of these concerns. These disconnected lifestyles are causing confusion, depression, and harmful addictions which are alarming. On a macro-scale it threatens the long-term survival of the human race. Our sustainability efforts are no longer enough. With the vast amount of challenges our earth faces, it’s time to offer people a place and space to fully activate their role in making our world a better place. Our supportive solution is to create a private member organization with decentralized land and project ownership to educate members and guests about regenerative lifestyle design. The Heartland Lifestyle Platform is designed to invite members and guests to explore life purpose through the experiences Heartland provides. To extend our impact past our onsite offerings the inclusion and activation of new VR technology offers world wide accessibility to educate and inspire as many people as possible to create regenerative land based projects. Heartland creates a space for healing which leads to hope and inspiration to participate in some type of regenerative action to support the long term survival of our human race. In a similar way the forest and jungle thrives, Heartland uses permaculture principles to make sure the organization as a whole benefits from the activities and services it offers. The goal is to offer humans the same abundant lifestyle the jungle offers its diverse species.

You may have heard of Esalen? We envision our retreat and growth opportunities to be of a similar nature since personal and relational development are key drivers in the Heartland Collective culture.

Have you visited Tulum, Mexico? The retreats found there are of an artistic nature that is very rare. Flip through these photos to see where our design inspiration comes from building Heartland Collective.

Most of these places are quite exclusive and cater to creative folks who can afford $300-$500+ night accommodation experiences. Within a few years Heartland’s style, service, and unique offerings will parallel these locations and charge retreat guests similar accommodation rates.

Heartland is nestled on a peninsula surrounded by a 2,000 acre lake with 1000’s of acres to hike & roam. The site design and structures are built of an organic, modern, up-cycled and artsy-style. Heartland has its own frequency of possibility. As we collectively contribute to Heartland over the years, we will have something that surpasses all of our imagination.
We have worked hard to start this. We’ve invested blood, sweat, tears and over $800,000 through 8 years of effort with a lot of help to create what Heartland is today. The next phase is for us to co-create for future generations. We do this, so at least once a year, we have a sacred place for our own retreat. Here, we can re-charge, reset, re-kindle and build new relationships. We can learn, re-learn and show our children how life can be.

26 weeks of the year will be classified as Retreat Weeks. These weeks are reserved for group retreats, families, and individuals to pay for daily use through HeartlandCollective.io (in development) as well as Airbnb, Hipcamp, and other 3rd party booking partners. This provides funding to support staffing costs, expansion, maintenance, as well as an equitable return on investment for all Heartland Collective Members.
26 weeks of the year are classified as Member Weeks. These are the weeks the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members get to enjoy Heartland. During these weeks there may be various types of member gatherings & events. Everyone onsite will feel a higher level of connection due to our shared interest and collective investment in Heartland Collective.


Decentralized Ownership

The entirety of the Heartland Collective Project includes the land, and ALL its current assets. The Heartland project will also encompass future businesses that are created from the on-site team using the land as a main resource. Including but not limited to retreats, spa amenities, experiences, wildcrafted herbal supplements, Heartland Wine, CBD products, VR event production, and more. Heartland is currently at level 0.92, and we’ve been quiet about our plans until now. We expect to finish a few more projects to get us to level 1.0 in Q1 of 2023. With the launch of 1.0 a blockchain token will be created, and the value of the token will be directly correlated to the value of the project. Each year, the project value will be collectively re-evaluated by all its members based on all new investments made into the project, newly acquired assets, micro-business revenues, and also any potential project losses. The current valuation and details of our tokenimocs will be shared in the membership presentation. Future project valuations will be holistic and includes the value of natural benefits such as perennial food production, tree planting, and communal benefits not usually included in traditional valuation processes.

Worldwide Support

Building Heartland Collective 1.0 was no easy task. Over 20,000 hours of support from over 400 people has been provided by Cultural Exchange visitors from all over the world. What we are doing is UNIQUE and we have a long waitlist of 200+ people that want to join us. The Heartland culture focuses on InnerWork, OuterWork, Transformation and Celebration. Heartland offers opportunities to learn how to farm for food, build infrastructure, maintain a site, and how to host retreat guests. All forms of personal growth are encouraged while a big focus is compassionate communication (NVC) and The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. While at Heartland people are inspired to explore their life purpose, and the project offers a perfect suite of opportunities designed to be in support of their growth.

Support Categories

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Origin Countries

North America
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Cultural Exchange Visitors
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Genuine Heartlanders


Membership offers one week access per year during any of the “26 Member Weeks” to their Member Level accommodation experiences for as long as the minimum member requirements are maintained. An automated system will be utilized to offer the most equitable timeshare opportunity. During the December month of each year, all members can choose their next year’s stay dates. Upon any cancellations, members will be notified and can change their pre-selected weeks. If dates are not pre-booked, members can book their week on any upcoming availability. Over the next 2 years 4 different rounds of membership will open and close. The next time membership opens the price will increase by a minimum of 25%. Ideal member candidates are adventurous and collaborative. Members can be single, couples, or families. Members often signup with their friends and family to share time together with those they love. Ideal members have energy, skills, and some extra time to support Heartland Collective grow. We’ve touched 1000’s of souls in the last 8 years, and look forward to working with you to positively affect many many more lives over the future generations. Membership is not on a first come basis. However, only 10% of membership slots will be filled in this first round so if you see yourself inspired by this vision don’t delay sharing your interest to get involved. We invite you to sign up to meet us and view a presentation.



Fractional Ownership

All members own an equitable portion of the ENTIRE Heartland Collective project.

Participate & Learn

Members are able to relax, explore, or participate in the daily activities of the Heartland Collective.

Stay Connected

High speed internet is available via Starlink.

Farm Food

While at heartland, members enjoy free access to any fresh food from the garden.

Emergency Home Security

Various options are available for emergency home security due to personal emergency, epidemic, pandemic, or societal collapse.


A 25% discount on upgrades, accommodations, activities, events and products for all Heartland Members.


Free access to basic water toys like kayaks and SUP are included.

Profit Share

Year-end project profit sharing.

Heartland VR

Members will receive a yearly allotment of tokens usable and/or sellable to others for Heartland VR.




Heartland will have 3 Camper/RV/Van Lifer units designed to offer these members an opportunity to enjoy Heartland using their own accommodations. The units offer full site access, and a private deck with shade next to their Van/RV parking. Bronze Members may select any of the Bronze level locations for their stay. To be a Bronze Member, purchase of the Bronze NFT Collectible is required. In addition to the purchase of the Heartland Bronze NFT, the holder must maintain a minimum balance of Heart tokens.


Heartland will have 6 glamping units designed to offer a very classy retreat destination. The glamping units are creatively designed to fit 2 people, but could stretch to support 1-2 additional small children. To be a Silver Member, purchase of the Silver NFT Collectible is required. In addition to the purchase of the Heartland Silver NFT, the holder must maintain a minimum balance of Heart tokens.


Heartland will have 3 unique one-of-a-kind accommodations designed to offer a very creative experience. The units are designed to fit 2 people, but could stretch to support 1-2 additional small children. These units will have a dedicated work space and sleeping area. Gold Members may select any of the Gold level membership units for their stay. To be a Gold Member, purchase of the Gold NFT Collectible is required. In addition to the purchase of the Heartland Gold NFT, the holder must maintain a minimum balance of Heart tokens.