Help Build the Dream!


Heartland Collective welcomes you to explore a regenerative lifestyle.

Programs are focused on 4 Pillars

  • OuterWork
  • InnerWork
  • Transformation
  • Celebration


Most of the attention that we give our work goes to things that are external to who we are as individuals. The OuterWork we do is about developing building skills, is designed to challenge your abilities, and provides great opportunities to collaborate with others.


InnerWork is the attention to and cultivation of one's inner life. To do our InnerWork is to become familiar with the world within. It is to continue to grow and and develop emotionally, psychologically, interpersonally, spiritually, and creatively.


As participants enter into the various OuterWork & InnerWork opportunities - Transformation naturally begins to take shape. The quality of our imagination determines the quality of whatever we produce. This truth has important social and cultural implications. As we journey together to create, we transform ourselves and the possibility of what we think we can do alone.


OuterWork, InnerWork and Transformation is work well done. As we develop these, we take time to celebrate this process and thus provide the motivation for continued growth. Celebration builds energy, and provides a time for reflection.


We are currently open to volunteers that would like to support Heartland Collective and learn how to live off-grid and explore a regenerative lifestyle. We receive volunteer applications directly, and through WWOOF or WorldPackers.

We continue to be in a “build” phase. In addition to garden and growing related projects, we are building all sorts of things, co-creating various elements, and doing a lot of beautification and site design around Heartland. If this phase interests you, we’d love to explore having you with us. Further, we also may be in need of various skills such as media, graphic design, operations and hospitality. Please specify what you can bring in your application.

We have a very popular volunteer program. It’s important you fill out the form below. We will do our best to get back with you soon. Sometimes we have general needs, and sometimes we have specific needs. As we identify what we require we will reach out to individuals that fit these needs.



What we are doing is unique on many levels, and our Cultural Exchange program is very special. Personal growth and human potential are themes we explore daily here. Our Level 1 Cultural Exchange program is one month long, and it entails 5 hours per day 5 days a week. During this time we will feed you 3 meals per day 7 days a week. We relax and take weekends off. While deeply involved in all aspects of Heartland, you will also journey through Miguel Ruiz’s “4 Agreements” book. We have found this to be the best foundation for long-term relationship building. After your first month, you will have invested 100 hours and that is when you will be crowned an official Heartlander.

Does this sound interesting? If so, please invest 30 minutes to explore the following documents:

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